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Our company ,made up of multiple dental practices, uses Olympic Upholstery Co. for all of our re-upholstering needs.  They are fair, have a great selection of colors, and do an amazing job.  Jason and his crew were able to re-upholster all 5 of our dental treatment chairs outside of patient hours so that we did not lose chair time with our patients!  Great customer service and we are very happy with the work they did…definitely recommended!

– Jennifer L.

First let me say that I’ve gone back to Olympic for all of my projects for the past ??? years based not only on cost and professional results but because of the caring and authentic relationship established at the outset. When asked by a major high profile colleague in Baltimore for an opinion on Olympic’s ability to measure up to a very visible project that needed to reflect well on their organization,  I replied that Olympic is a no risk, dependable contractor and that their  resultant upholstery/goods would certainly exceed expectations. They really are that good. Later on, the following season, I received an actual hand written thank you from the colleague for recommending Olympic.

– Joe R.

We have doing business with Olympic for a number of years now.  They have provided all of our commercial fabric and upholstery needs in a professional and timely manner.  Communication has been top-notch.  Together, we have satisfied even the pickiest of clients!  We would unequivocally recommend Olympic for your next project.

– Adam W.